Where Are We Headed?

You have "a year off from reality" and can go anywhere in the world, so where do you go?

Jesse and I both ventured to Europe multiple times during college and although there are still places we haven't been or countries we would love to visit again, we decided that for our RTW (round the world) trip, we only wanted to travel to new places that neither of us had been before (with the exception of China - I studied there for a summer in college). We landed, pun intended, on South America, Morrocco, India, and Southeast Asia.

Originally, we had about 25 countries on our list, which is WAY too many. We currently have 17, but we still think we are going to try to cut out a few countries in Southeast Asia. Many blogs say that spending more time in one spot is better than spending a little time in many places. You can explore more and live like a local, instead of bouncing around like a tourist on a tight schedule. We aren't completely sold on this idea and aren't sure where to prioritize, but we have months before we have to decide.


On July 18 we will put everything in a U-Haul, drive to Dallas, put our things in storage, buy last minute things and spend a few days with family.

Then on July 23, say sayonara Mr. & Mrs. Simmons!

South America

Peru - 1 month - July/August

Bolivia - 1 month - August/September

Chile/Argentina - 2 months - September/October/November (since these countries vertically border each other, we will probably border hop quite a bit between the two)


Morocco - 1-2 weeks - November (We would love to go here, but a stop in Morocco will totally depend on our pulse of the world at that time.)


India - 5 weeks - November/December

Nepal - 3 weeks - December/January

Myanmar - 3 weeks - January

Laos - 2 weeks - February

Thailand - 4 weeks - February/March

Cambodia - 3 weeks - March

Vietnam - 2 weeks - April

Philippines - 3 weeks - April/May

Indonesia - 3 weeks - May

Malaysia - 3 weeks - June

China - 2 weeks - June/July

Japan - 2 weeks - July

We have the first month of our trip planned out pretty well, but beyond that all we have is this rough draft and a list of must sees locations within each country. We will plan as we go and are totally up to suggestions. If you have visited one of these countries, please comment with where we should go and what we should do!

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