About Us

She spotted Simmons.

Hi, we're Jesse and Emily and this summer we are quitting our jobs, selling our house, and putting everything we own (except what fits in our backpacks) into storage - time to say sayonara to Louisiana and hello to the world. 

She spotted Simmons? She (me - Emily) saw Jesse on a volleyball court shortly after moving to Louisiana for Teach for America and almost immediately knew he was the one. After reminiscing that night over all of our individual European adventures, we quickly realized that we shared a passion for meeting new people, traveling, and exploring local gems. Within a few months, we had a a combined savings account and set out to plan the trip of a lifetime. 

Four years later and VOILA! 




I was born in Texas and grew up running bare foot on the blacktop. As one of four kids the house was always full of people, food, and fun.


When I was 18, a 22 year old classmate told me about his trip to Cambodia. For the next 3 years I would talk about how much fun it would be to travel until I was asked "Why are you talking about traveling instead of actually traveling?"


That question would kick off my first two trips out of the South to backpack though Europe. From having never been farther north than Mississippi, east than Alabama, or west than Texas to seeing the many different cultures of Europe, my love for travel was born.

After returning to the states and starting my first job as a chemical engineer I was chomping at the bit to travel again. I soon meet my wife to be and found in her the same love for travel. After only a couple of months of dating we began our savings for what would be the adventure of a lifetime: A Round the World Trip.


All our friends call me "mom" on any type of trip. I make the plans, and I am always (almost always) prepared.

Definitely the one who makes more rash decisions (despite the planning,) like the time I decided to choreograph a cha-cha routine for our first dance in the tiny kitchen of our condo one week before our wedding. Rash or magically spontaneous? Watch our first dance and you get to decide! 

Born a yankee with a southerner's heart. I'm an urban educator and Teach for America 2013 alumni. 

Out of my travels, the algarve coast and the castle at Sintra in Portgual were my favorite, but the rainforests in Costa Rica will always have a special place in my heart. I can't wait to explore Salar de Uyuni in Boliva with someone who was crazy enough to say yes to this trip.